Pandemic Affects Our Health and Businesses

ILBCC Coronavirus Update

The new Coronavirus COVID-19 is having a devastating impact upon the well-being of people and businesses across the world. The virus started in China and is now hitting the U.S. According to the CDC data, nearly 40 percent of U.S. patients sick enough to be hospitalized were age 20 to 54, with over 10,600 infected. But the risk of dying was significantly higher in older people.

Dr. Jeffrey Sterling, MD, Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce (ILBCC) Board Member, says “Coronavirus is not an all-powerful entity that spells the end of mankind. We just have to be diligent in attacking this pandemic.” The World Health Organization’s (WHO) has provided (WHO) basic protective measures against the virus that should be followed to protect ourselves, family members and communities.

“But on the other side of the Coronavirus global pandemic health challenges for people is the impact the virus is having upon small businesses — particularly black owners,” said Larry Ivory, ILBCC President. “As this pandemic continues as predicted, the devastation and loss of black businesses will be significant — catastrophic,” Ivory continued.
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The Illinois State Black Chamber Of Commerce (ILBCC) is the largest, most active voice for black businesses in the state. Incorporated in 1997, ILBCC is a member of the National Black Chamber Of Commerce. Founded by President and CEO Mr. Larry D. Ivory, ILBCC promotes job creation and growth among Black-owed businesses.

Over the decades, ILBCC has emerged as the leading advocate agency for many state and local entities, as well as corporations to propagate business and economic empowerment principles. Through our strong membership and network base of local chapters and businesses, we proactively work to build a healthier business environment through entrepreneurship.

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