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Tax Hike Amendment

Vote No

We oppose the Tax Hike

We Oppose

graduated-rate income tax amendment

“It’s really not the time for us to be increasing taxes.”

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Listen to our tax concerns

President and CEO of the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce (ILBCC) Larry Ivory, speaks out on the graduated income tax plan.

“As the head of the ILBCC, it is my duty to do what is right for our members and for the communities we represent. We take no joy in not being in sync with the governor, but opposing this amendment is the right thing to do. Adding a tax hike that is going to hurt communities that are already hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic defies our best interests.”

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NBCC and Groupon

Stay Strong

President and CEO of the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce (ILBCC) and the Chairman of the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) Larry Ivory, sparked a relationship between the NBCC and Groupon.


During the growth of this relationship a survey was conducted via these two organizations and here are the interesting and important results. Take a look.


  • Groupon and National Black Chamber of Commerce survey of more than 400 Black small business owners found that 75% have seen an increase in business since protests sparked by the death of George Floyd began
  • 80% said they faced more challenges launching their businesses due to their race
  • 74% said they’ve had fewer opportunities due to a lack of capital investment and resources targeted towards Black communities
  • 76% of Black-owned businesses said they were negatively impacted by COVID-19, but only 5% of those that applied for Paycheck Protection Program loan received one

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Loevy & Loevy Lawsuit

While Congress has passed the CARES Act, small black businesses have been left out of funding, shut out of SBA Disaster Loans, and the lauded Payroll Protection Program with Affirmative Action removed from contracts. The leadership and members of ILBCC are working with Loevy & Loevy law firm in taking on banks that discriminate against minority-owned businesses. Though some banks have been engaging in racially discriminatory practices for centuries, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has thrust these practices into the spotlight. [read more]

“We must ensure our congressional representatives are fighting for the interest of Illinois black businesses. As this pandemic continues as predicted, the devastation and loss of black businesses will be significant — catastrophic — if we do not fight for equity and equality now,” said Larry Ivory, ILBCC President. [read more]


A growing number of public corporations across a variety of industries will observe Juneteenth as a company holiday. National Black Chamber of Commerce Chairman Larry Ivory joins Yahoo Finance’s On The Move to address corporate responsibility in honor of Juneteenth.

Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce

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Economic Empowerment

We Promote A Strong Minority Business Environment.

Building Black Businesses

The Illinois State Black Chamber Of Commerce (ILBCC) is the largest, most active voice for black businesses in the state. Incorporated in 1997, ILBCC is a member of the National Black Chamber Of Commerce. Founded by President and CEO Mr. Larry D. Ivory, ILBCC promotes job creation and growth among Black-owed businesses.

We have emerged as a leading advocate and go to agency for many state and local entities as well as corporations in order to propagate these very principles. Through our strong membership and network base of local chapters and businesses, we proactively work to promote a healthier business environment and to economically empower black communities through capitalistic enterprise, entrepreneurship & endeavor.

Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce

Providing a business path with purpose

ILBCC is an advocate for black, minority, disadvantaged, veteran, disabled, women, LGTBQ and other overlooked communities. Join us today as a member and/or sponsor!

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