ILBCC Staff Members

Larry D. Ivory, Founder, President and CEO

Larry is not an overzealous pusher of radical ideals; instead, he is a practical advocate of sensible approaches to ensuring that black business is brought to the table, ready to be capable, effective and efficient in providing services to the state of Illinois, or any other entity.

Janis Ivory, Program Manager & Special Projects Coordinator

Managing ILBCC programs and special projects requires dedication and attention to details, and that is what Janis brings to the organization.

William KylesCentral Region Vice President

Our Regional Vice Presidents bring our organization a heightened geo-specific comprehensiveness, for continuity within our base and constituency.

Rick Hammond, Chief Legal Counsel

This veteran attorney brings nearly 30 years of seasoned legal expertise and an impressive repertoire of degrees & professional designations to our organization. Mr. Hammond serves as national counsel on matters relating to property insurance coverage, fire and explosion cases, bad faith, and as counsel to corporate executives, municipalities and elected officials on high-profile business and municipal litigation cases.  He also serves as an Adjunct Professor on Insurance Law for the John Marshall Law School, and as an expert witness on insurer bad faith and insurance law and coverage issues. [read more] (link to resume)


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